Timely Salon & Spa Software

Timely Salon & Spa Software helps you create beautiful customer experiences and helps you save time for what you love.

Timely makes it easy for you to deliver the personalised experience your clients deserve. 
Keep detailed documents, notes, photos, and preferences on your client appointment history, and set up automated SMS reminders and follow up messages, as well as emails on their birthdays. 
Let Timely handle me-consuming tasks so you can spend more energy on what you love. 
Set up automated appointment reminders, make bulk adjustments to stock, let customers book online 24/7 and get support from the Timely team whenever you need it. 

Timely has offices in Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin, Melbourne and Europe,
please get in contact for the specific address you are after.

286 Princes St, Dunedin 9016

+64 4 488 7012