Creative Nails – CND

Our innovative enhancement systems result in flexible, resilient nails that resist service breakdown and keep clients coming back.

CND: Liquid and Powder range is formulated to provide gorgeous, long-lasting, lift-resistant enhancements for nails that know no limits!  Award winning Sculpting Liquids provide the foundation for wearable, durable, beautiful nails and our advanced sculpting powders in either Perfect Colour or Retention+ Powders come in a wide spectrum of shades that provide easy workability and gorgeous results.

Patented*, CND award-winning BRISA® Gel technology results in gorgeous, thin, light, natural-looking enhancements that resist service breakdown. Create durable, resilient, natural-looking gel enhancements that are easy to apply, easy to wear, and easy to love.

Creative Brisa group

Brisa Paints offer thin liquid gel that creates crisp smile lines that last three times longer than regular French manicures!

Award-winning Velocity Tips are our most popular tips, with a deep curve and dramatic upper arch. available in clear, natural or white. Formation Tips are our most versatile tips, with a deep C curve and dramatic, lower arch. Designed with varied structural points for strength and flexibility.

High-performance sculpting forms for natural-looking enhancements. Available in silver for Liquid and Powder or clear for Brisa.

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