Architectural Hair Education

Architectural Hair Education has been born out of Cathy Davys desire to give back to other hairdressers. 

"My belief that you must have a strong classic foundation will never falter.  

Hair Design is Architecture - if the foundation is not strong, the house falls over.. 

My programmes are designed to give hairdressers the confidence to accelerate new Talenteers/Apprentices who are about to go on the cutting floor... to ignite the passion again in those who may have taken a break from their journey."

Bringing existing team members to a new skill level. 

Training the trainers of the future to Mastery, Architectural Hair Education is for Life long learners, those who want to be the best, to have longevity in the industry, how to pay in forward in your career and life.  

How to connect the dots in new and empowering ways.

Creative Intelligence programs: ● March 22-23 Wairarapa ● May 31-June 1 Auckland ● September 27/28 Christchurch
Train the Trainer: Architectural Hair Education Training is an Integral Part of becoming a successful salon and stylist.

Do you love Training?

Do you want to develop Educators within your team? 

Would you like to allow your company to become sustainable by training and producing the next generation of stylists/educators?

These workshops are designed over 8 days spread over 4 months. 

This gives you the time to put into practice you’re learning, Cathy will be there to mentor and coach you during this time.

This programme is limited to 8 participants and is specifically for salon owners, managers, educators, artistic directors who are responsible for training their teams and have a passion to learn and grow.

Train the Trainer:● April 5-6 Part One Wairarapa ● May 17-18 Part Two Wairarapa ● June 21-22 Part Three Wairarapa ● July 21-22 Part four Wairarapa
[caption id="attachment_1656" align="aligncenter" width="682"]Architectural Hair Education by Cathy Davys for hairdressers Cathy Davys Winner HITO Educator of the year 2015 and 2019[/caption]

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