Y.S.Park: Professional brushes made in Japan from quality, professional grade materials. Every Y.S.Park products has been meticulously designed to suit the needs of a busy professional to make life easier in the salon. Using high grade materials for comfort, precision and durability these innovative, luxurious tools are a dream to work with.
The  Knot Dr: The magic of Knot Dr. brushes originated in the US.  It is the revolutionary composite Flexalite bristles that can intelligently flexible able to bend with the most extreme knots to eliminate pulling, snagging or breaking the hair. Flexalite bristles instantly rebound to their original form to restore messy tangly hair to its original beauty.
Dajuja: Dajuja hand made brushes are a game changer. The tension and feel is precise giving you an easy to glide feel as the brush move through the hair. The bristles are gentle enough to not damage the hair but strong enough to help create the style you are looking for.

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