Nails – enhancement, acrylics, gels etc

Creative Nails – CND

Our innovative enhancement systems result in flexible, resilient nails that resist service breakdown and keep clients coming back. CND: Liquid and Powder range is formulated to provide gorgeous, long-lasting, lift-resistant enhancements for nails that know no limits!  Award winning Sculpting Liquids provide the foundation for wearable, durable, beautiful nails and our advanced sculpting powders in either Perfect Colour or Retention+ Powders…


House of Camille

Artistic Nail Design: Every client has different needs – and for the client who doesn’t want to do gel, but wants their lacquer to last longer, Artistic Nail Design has a brand new extended wear lacquer line. The finish is super shiny, and unlike regular polish, Colour Revolution can last up to ten days, needs no Light system to cure…