Nails Equipment

Creative Nails – CND

They’re called tools-of-the-trade for a reason.  CND: Files & Buffers provide everything you need to shape, smooth and refine nails for professional results. Available in Blizzard 100/180 grit, Boomerang Padded file 180/180 grit, Girlfriend Buffer 2400/4000/12000 grit, Glossing Block 4000 grit, Glossing Buffer 4000 grit, Hot Shot 100/180 grit, Kanga File 240/240 grit, Outblack 120/240 grit Professional Implement kits and tools…


Salon Furniture – Nails Equipment

Full range Manicure tables, Pedicure chairs and stools.  “Our range of furniture for hairdressing salons can easily become your stylists’ best friend. Offer the full convenience of comfort that will make short or long periods of styling time much more rewarding. Gratitude and appreciation come easier when customers are provided with an awesome environment and experience.” Aesthetic and chic designs…