Observ Skin Analysis Device

The OBSERV 520 is a fantastic piece of technology created in The Netherlands six years ago. It has proven to be a real asset to any practice/medi-spa/clinic. It comes in a handy carry bag and can be put together in about 2 minutes making it extremely portable but sits just as well as an eye catching feature front of house. Weighing in at 6kg it is simple to work with. Using your Apple i-Pad; [EITHER Apple Air or PRO or Series 6} the OBSERV takes 15 clinical visuals of the skin in under 60 seconds! And then because it is all iPad based, you can sit down with your patient and your iPad and go through exactly what is happening with their skin- on the surface and under the skin. This makes both; product sales and an ongoing treatment plan easier to explain and close. After all,once the client sees with their own eyes what is going on, the rest sells itself! This machine is as much about client communication as anything else.

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