Observ Skin Diagnostic

Creating success stories in the business of Beauty therapy! A revolutionary journey beneath the skin’s surface. Your business will benefit from the latest in the global advanced skin analysis technology - don’t be left behind! This 21st Century design has an i-pad plus a smart phone cradle, so you can take clinical reference pictures immediately, and monitor the progress of your treatment plan. Flick between five different skin analysis modes … this is skin fluorescence at its best. Amazing Educational OBSERV video for salon in-house training and to assist with Induction training as new staff members join your team!

• This new technology makes Woods Lamps and skin scanners obsolete!

• Clearer, very detailed skin  images to discuss with your client/patient.

• Booklet resource guide written by diagnostic expert, Florence Barrett-Hill

• Light weight, (6.5Kg) for easy transportation

• Magnified client mirror: They see what you do!

Margaret Walsh is an importer and distributor of the new generation black light 2017. If you are interested to know more about this diagnostic machine; could see yourself/ your staff using one of these to analyze your clients’ skin; would be keen to purchase one for your skincare clinic/ Medi- spa or would like to have one demonstrated at your training school then just contact Margaret Walsh now!

  Available from Margaret Walsh Consulting