ORLY has built it’s professional heritage on answering the needs of the nail technician within an unwavering dedication for over 40 years, delivering quality and value without compromise. 

Our company DNA is rooted in developing innovations in treatments and colours with iconic products such as: Bonder®, the most sought-after basecoat by professionals, GelFX®, the Original Vitamin-Infused Gel Manicure System, Breathable® Treatment + Colour, and all the colours and textures that shimmer, glitter, and shine. All this without mentioning the creation of the Original French Manicure®. 

Colour & Care are the foundation of everything ORLY do. It is ORLY’s heart & soul, and the reflection of the multi-faceted customers ORLY serve. From the creation of the first nail strengthener in the industry, to our new line of Breathable nail polish, ORLY believes that colour and care go hand in hand. 

Our lacquers and gels are power packed with pigment and precisely formulated to deliver flawless coverage, which is why ORLY continues to be the Professional Standard in Nail Colour & Care since 1975.

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