SOLARI™ is an IPL system, differentiated from all others by its cutting-edge “Square Pulse” technology which guarantees precise treatment and minimized side effects.

Award-winning Skin Cooling System, Sharp Cut-Off Filtering Technology and Rapid Repetition Rate ensures the most comfortable and painless procedure possible.

The SOLARI uses wavelengths of 420 to 950 nm to great a variety of indications including acne, pigmented lesions, vascular lesions, skin rejuvenation and hair removal. State-of-the-art SOLARI treatments allow patients to return to their normal daily activities almost immediately.
SOLARI Treatment Benefits:

Complex Treatment Procedures: Uses various wavelengths and skin penetration depths for a variety of applications.
Outstanding Square Pulse Technology: Safe and sophisticated square pulse technology for superior therapeutic effects.
Patient-Tailored Treatments: SOLARI’s Cut-off filters offer customized treatments for a wide range of indications
Short Procedure Time: The SOLARI boasts a generous treatment spot size which can treat larger areas in less time.
Minimized Side Effects: An advanced cooling system and intelligent procedure filters allow for minimal side effects.
Very Little Down Time: Patients can go about their regular routine almost immediately after treatment.
Therapeutic Treatments
Hair Removal
Solar Lentigines
Melasma Diffuse Redness
Large Pores

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